NO MORE ROOF CLEANING - The Treatment is the Cure!
20+ Years of Proven Results in Homeowner Association & Condo Communities


Roof-A-Cide Information for Board Members and Community Managers
Roof Cleaning & Maintenance Info
for Communities

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Roof Cleaning & Maintenance Info
for Homeowners

Roof Cleaning and Roof-A-Cide Info for Contractors
Roof Cleaning & Maintenance Info
for Contractors

  • Is Your Roof Covered in Ugly Black Stains?

  • Are You Tired of Repeated Roof Cleaning?

  • Are You Concerned About Potential Damage to Your Roof?

  • Do You Want to Avoid Toxic Chemicals like Chlorine Bleach?

  • Do You Want to Eliminate Unnecessary Wear & Tear on Your Roof?

Then You Need Roof-A-Cide® because "The Treatment is the Cure!"

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As a result, Roof-A-Cide® is the ONLY

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 BETTER than Roof Cleaning – Safe, Effective, Proven, and Guaranteed!
"The Treatment is the Cure!"

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Roof-A-Cide is a proud Sponsor of The Show - Florida's only Statewide Conference & Expo completely dedicated to educating Condo & Community Association Professionals. See us in Booth #605 on Sept. 26th.
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